Why is a 404 page generated

This error often appears when you go to edit the site’s permalinks , perhaps because we want to remove, add or replace something, such as when you delete the /category/ slug or the date from the URL of the articles after the site was already online .You have deleted the page. You have created a page withpagina1. After some time, you no longer need the page and you delete it. Now, if you type the address/pagina1, it will return you a 404 page.In these last two cases, the simplest solution is to do what is called a redirect , i.e. we set up a redirection which indicates that the page present at the URL pagina1 no longer exists and that in its place there is

How to create an effective 404 page

There are numerous ways. The easiest is to use RankMath, a WordPress SEO plugin .

Once installed, simply go to your WordPress dashboard and select RankMath > Redirects > Add New, enter the deleted URL and the URL that replaces the deleted URL.

And wow! Problem fixed

Creating a personalized 404 page is also a best practice recommended by Google itself and it is therefore very important to do it also to optimize our website from an SEO perspective .

Here are some tips for creating an effective 404 page that can achieve the goals we have discussed so far:

  • Make it clear that this is a 404 page
  • Noindex your 404 page (you can simply do this with RankMath too )
  • Do not redirect the 404 page to other resources, such as the homepage, but leave it visible and navigable
  • Write a message in line with your values ​​and with your website. For example, if you use informal communication, you can defuse the error UAE Phone Number List with a joke, a nice phrase or a funny image
  • Invite the visitor to continue browsing by adding a button, link or search bar.

You don’t need big ideas or big plans to create an effective 404 page. For example, this below is page 404 of this blog.

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In a blog where words are at the center of everything, I could only play with the Sommo, the object of my university studies and for which I have a deep passion.

There are many ways to customize a 404 page.

Personally I use Elementor which allows you to create 404 pages in a very simple and customized way in every detail and also offers you numerous templates to use or from which to take inspiration.

Examples of great 404 pages

There are hundreds and hundreds of examples of truly beautiful, creative, original and above all functional 404 pages , capable of transforming an error page into a real resource available to visitors.

One that really stuck with me was an interactive Not Found page and it belonged to a development and programming agency. On their 404 page was a photo of the 4 programmers who made up the team, all wearing anxious expressions.

The text read something like: “ This error page appeared because one of our programmers did not do his job well. Who do you want to fire? “. All you had to do Lead Sale was click on one of the four images and the programmer you had chosen became sad while the others rejoiced. And an invitation to visit the pages appeared – working! – of the website.

This is exactly what I mean by memorable 404 pages : pages that increase engagement, that are memorable and that remain impressed even after years of distance.

I really wanted to show it to you. Unfortunately this page hasn’t existed for many years, since – if I remember correctly – the agency was incorporated by another company.

But there are still plenty of other examples of spectacular 404 pages to take inspiration from.

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