Because it’s important to always have an updated blog editorial plan

When you create and maintain a constantly updated editorial plan , you are doing more than organizing your work: you are creating a winning strategy for the success of your blog .

Many believe that the editorial plan is just a calendar of activities to be carried out and contents to be published. In reality, this calendar – called the “ editorial calendar ” – is only part of the editorial plan.

A well-organized and above all updated editorial plan also helps you to define your objectives clearly and to structure your contents in a coherent and targeted way , it gives you the possibility to always stay abreast of the trends in your sector and to offer your readers contents always fresh, original and – above all! – relevant.

And then there is the editorial calendar

The best friend of any blogger – but also of any content creator . In fact, the editorial calendar allows you to save precious time and energy.

No more going crazy trying to find new ideas for your articles or – even worse! – create “off the cuff” content, without a strategy, hoping that what you are about to create will work: in fact, you will already have everything planned in advance and strategically, already knowing which content is best for your audience.

And this will translate into more traffic to your blog , more Bulk SMS Russia trust from your readers, more conversions and the opportunity to build an even more loyal and close-knit community.

But what should your editorial plan contain to be truly effective? Let’s see it together!

What should an editorial plan contain?


A complete and well-structured editorial plan is the first step in creating a successful blog . But what should never be missing in your editorial plan?

Let’s go into the details!

  • Clear and specific objectives .
  • Effective keyword research
  • The editorial calendar
  • The types of content to be developed.
  • Topics to cover in your blog
  • Content promotion and distribution
  • Monitoring and analytics .

Ok, now we have clear what an editorial plan is and what it must contain. So let’s go now to see in more detail how to create it.

How to create an effective editorial plan

Creating an editorial plan is not particularly Lead Sale difficult. Personally, I always create my plans with Google Drive so that I can access them at any time and from any device and can easily share them with my collaborators.

Obviously you don’t have to create it with Google Sheets like I do: an Excel document , a concept map or – why not? – even pen and paper, using for example a Blog Planner , a sort of agenda that allows you to monitor and schedule all the activities carried out with your blog.

The important thing is to use a tool that you are comfortable with and that allows you to keep everything tidy and clear.

And then we’re really ready to go.

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