What is Affiliate Marketing

First things first: what is affiliate marketing?Affiliate marketing is a business model widely used by bloggers through which an affiliate promotes a product or service on behalf of other external companies and earns a commission for each sale generated.It is considered a passive and above all scalable method of earnings, since you just need to create content and insert your affiliate links for them to work for you and continue to generate economic income even long after you have created them.In fact, think that one of the guides that still brings me several hundred euros a month I wrote almost 10 years ago!

How to increase affiliate sales

And if you do a good job, your affiliate earnings should always grow over time . With this blog you are reading, for example, every year of activity, affiliations generate approximately 100/150% more than the previous year.

A work therefore that brings the best results in the long run.

With this premise, you understand that affiliate USA Phone Number List marketing can also be very profitable . But sometimes things don’t go as planned.

We find ourselves writing guide after guide, reviewing, shooting videos but then nobody clicks on our affiliate links. Or maybe people click but don’t complete the purchase.

How can we recover these sales and increase our earnings? There are several ways. Here are the ones that I have personally tested and which have brought the best results.

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Create a sales funnel that converts

We find an interesting affiliate program, write a guide on it and voilà, done. Now we wait for the person to log in and buy.

But I assure you that this road is not too convenient. It’s a Lead Sale bit like having a shop, putting a product in the hands of the first customer who enters and saying: “Here, buy!”.

You understand that it can’t work. Instead, it is important first of all to try to understand who we are dealing with , what problem they are trying to solve and therefore offer them the best solution for their problem.

And this is precisely what sales funnels are for : they are more or less personalized paths that we think and structure within our website and our email marketing strategy to guide a user towards the purchase of a product or of the best product for him.


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