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The discipline of maximizing user usability and search engine crawl ability. Alternative Attributes Attributes are tags that tell information about an image, both to provide context for it and to display information if the image fails to load. Domain Authority Domain Authority is the relative value assign to domain pages to understand their relevance. Backlinks Backlinks or incoming links are links pointing to our website from other pages. SEO Benchmarking Benchmarking, or competitive analysis, allows us to identify the strengths of our competition and create a strategic plan to beat them in search results. Black hat Black hat includes doing things that are not vale by the community.

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This is because their goal is to manipulate rankings or Israel Mobile Number List exploit weaknesses in an unethical manner. Brand SEO Brand SEO, or brand traffic, includes all web traffic that includes keywords that include a brand in the keywords that users are searching for. Breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs are a tool that aids in user navigation as it indicates all the categories a page belongs to and also improves search engine tracking. Briefing A briefing is an initial questionnaire where customers provide questions and insights bas on a listing to gain a better understanding of your company and to be able to provide better service.

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Cannibalism refers to multiple search results for the same Lead Sale keyword appearing on the same page. This could be positive if both results return interesting pages for users and businesses or negative if there is content that we don’t want to promote. The canonical tag is the piece of code that is add to the page to indicate that it is the main one we want index. Checklist A checklist is a list of elements to check for an in-depth analysis of each strategic area. Clickbaiting Clickbaiting is a technique that is widely known but dismiss by users as authors try to get by.

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