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This technique creates catchy headlines but isn’t always true to the content. The goal is to drive more clicks and traffic to their content. Cloaking or cloaking is a black hat technique bas on showing different content to users and search engines to improve their positioning. Search Engine Optimization Consultant A consultant is a professional whose goal is to improve a website’s organic positioning to increase its traffic conversion rate and thus its billing. Duplicate content Duplicate content defines text or resources that are repeat on multiple web pages, either intentionally or unintentionally due to filters or other issues. This can be a serious problem for optimal performance of the network.

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Core Web Vitality Core Web Vitality is a metric creat by Mexico Mobile Number List Google to analyze the performance of a website and define good practices when building a website. Crawl Budget Crawl budget or crawl budget is define as the time and resources that search engines spend on our website to crawl and analyze our content. Crawling is the process by which search engine robots crawl to analyze and categorize our content in order to display it in search results. CTR CTR or CTR is the percentage of clicks to impressions a page gets in search results. Content curation Content curation is analysis and improvement.

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The process of removing old content to improve its ranking Lead Sale and results. Structure Data is a code markup that is insert into a page to add more information to search engines. The most recommend is even recommend by Google. Deindexing The term deindexing refers to the process of removing content from search results because it has been incorrectly index or is sparsely duplicat for other reasons. A disavow is an upload file intend to indicate to us which links it should not consider because they are artificially low quality or because we think they could end up incurring a penalty. Dwell time Dwell time.

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