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Racing the resolution There are millions of tools online that can also be us or I like to use to do everything of course it all depends on how many images you have to optimize. As an online tool you can use but as I told you before I prefer it because it can perform more precise optimization. Serving images at their maximum read size is a very common mistake. Use the image gallery to download images and use them on our website in resolution. My suggestion is that you use an inspector with the largest page size and see what size is being us.

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Scaling the image We see how the inspector indicates the maximum Ireland Mobile Number List size to use in our blog image This must be the dimensions of our image. Use a new generation format or high compression if you don’t want to overcomplicate your life with time formats that are develop but still not support by browsers use and avoid unless you ne transparent channels. Lazy loading, or lazy loading, is one of the most interesting features that prevents elements like images or videos from loading in the first place. What it does is defer the loading of the image in the first place. Imagine our image at the bottom of the page if us.

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Users haven’t visit them yet why should we load Lead Sale them? Image Optimization Plugins While I’m personally not a huge fan of these types of plugins, if you find a site with a lot of images I would recommend some plugins that can solve your optimization problems. Think Image Optimizer WP Compression and Combination and Minification operations design to ruce the weight of these resources The smaller the weight the page loads the faster it loads. While this may seem like an essential move because everyone recommends it, it’s not one we’re going to get huge results from. Combin movements on the other hand are more useful but subtler to us.

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