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Content structure is a fundamental part of being able to connect and relate similar content. This is known as content clustering. For this we can use Category Tags, Tickets, Posts, Pages, Subpages, Category Tags and Entry Posts. There are two ways to automatically group posts in Using Categories and Using Tags. When do we use categories and when do we use tags. Understanding categories and tags helps us group content. The decision to use them must always depend on the amount of content we are going to generate otherwise we risk duplicating content. Both categories and tags will help us with guilt.

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All our content but as we said we have to know how to use it. My Dubai Phone Number List suggestion is to use categories when we are going to create content frequently within the theme of our website. We use tags when there is a lot of content in common in a particular topic. I’ll give you an example where sports is a category but Luo could be one but you still have to ask yourself how much news will I generate about Luo? No category labels are creat or we don’t index them.

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There are other plugins

That help us when we use categories Lead Sale and tags so that our content can be associate with similar content. Breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs build breadcrumbs by and structure content so if we want to use breadcrumbs to link our content well we have to choose this architecture. So our posts will look like this home page category name post name there are some plugins that can bring in breadcrumbs but they all depend on our database structure as of today I don’t know of a plugin that allows you to define it flexibly.

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