As you may have notice for posts with categories please introduce terminology. This is from the home page that is to say you will find it in all and the option it gives you in the permalink is only for changing one name to another category of another term. We have a number of options to fix this again giving us the option to remove categories from URLs and there are plugins that will help you get rid of this term and leave cleaner URLs. plugin to remove categories plugin to remove categories from url parent page and child pages back to content structure there is a kind of me.

The way I like to work is with

Pages and subpages. I usually use this type of structure for landing France Mobile Number List pages or hub pages for services. The most important difference is the design flexibility that pages give you rather than categories. Both categories and posts are tag by themes or templates but pages can be design to your liking with the help of page builder plugins or supplementary programs to customize the network through blocks. The clearest example of when we want to use pages and subpages is when we have a generic service and different more specific services. Create pages for common services and create subpages for specific services.

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Generic Landing Page Design Specific

Landing Page Web Design Graphic Design Product Design Industrial Design URL Example Breadcrumb Navigation Home Page Design Web Design For this we have to remove the page attribute that is at the top from the it or of an article post or entry sales. Page Lead Sale properties menu Now on the right side of our page will add a module with page properties. Pages and Subpages By selecting one of the existing pages the current page will be made a subpage depending on the select page. Plugins Once we have a clear structure and part of our information architecture I would like to include the installation of plugins at this point.

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