Who is a copywriter

A copywriter is a writing and speaking professional who creates persuasive and engaging content with the goal of promoting products, services or ideas.A copywriter, unlike common thought, is not only the one who “writes to sell”, but the one who writes to involve, inspire, excite , connect with the target audience and create a bond between the writer and the reader.Through the use of copywriting techniques , persuasion skills and effective writing , a copywriter is therefore that professional figure who transmits a message that resonates with the values, emotions and experiences of the public and pushes them to take a specific action .

But where do we write these texts?

Well, a copywriter can write on many different platforms : websites, for example, to create sales pages or landing pages, but also printed paper such as flyers and brochures, advertisements – both online and offline -, social media , email marketing emails and so on.

Being a copywriter therefore requires a lot of versatility and flexibility , great creativity and lots and lots of lateral thinking. In fact, often you will have to find unique and original SMS Gateway Switzerland ways to present a product or service in an attractive way, be able to see things from a different point of view and be able to make your message resonate in the hearts of those who receive it.

There are several solutions to work as a copywriter: the first is undoubtedly to work as a freelancer and maybe even become a digital nomad , have your own circle of clients and collaborate with other professionals, solopreneurs and companies.

The other is instead to find work in an advertising agency , a communication agency and a marketing agency. We will return to this point in a moment.


But first, I’d like to make a little clarification. When Lead Sale we talk about copywriting we are talking about a fairly vast topic that has branched out into many sub-specializations over the years. Let’s see the main ones together.

Copywriting, SEO Copywriting, AI Copywriting: what are the differences?

There are tons of specializations in the copywriting industry . Among the best known – but not the only ones! – there are for example classic copywriting, SEO Copywriting and AI Copywriting.

These are also accompanied by other specializations that go hand in hand with writing and copywriting, such as email marketing copywriting , UX copywriting , B2B copywriting , brand copywriting but also web writing and content marketing.

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