Professional writers and networks

Finally, professional networks and writers’ associations can also offer excellent opportunities to find qualified ghostwriters. Participate in events – both online and offline -, online groups, workshops or writing conferences and it will be very easy to get in direct contact with writers and ghostwriters.Regardless of your choice, before giving a job to the first ghostwriter you find, remember to carefully examine their skills, experience and portfolio .Also communicate your expectations clearly and share all the details of the project with your ghostwriter.And lastly, the most important tip of all.

Whether you are a professional looking for a ghostwriter, or a ghostwriter looking for your client, always make sure you establish written and clear agreements in advance regarding times, fees and working methods.

This protects both parties and will allow you not SMS Gateway Serbia to have unpleasant consequences later. I tell you from experience.

How much does a ghostwriter earn

Now we come to the most important part: how much does a ghostwriter earn?

The work of a ghostwriter tends to be very lucrative . But, especially at the beginning, earnings can vary greatly based on several factors, such as:

  • your experience (obviously, the more experience you have, the more earnings can increase)
  • your specialization (typically books and industry topics are paid much more than blog articles or general topics)
  • the complexity of the project you are working on
  • the reference market
  • your reputation
  • … and so on.

Do we want to be a little more specific and draw down some reference figures? It seems right.


According to a 2021 Writer’s Market survey, professional ghostwriters in the United States earn an average of $25,000 to $75,000 a year . Of course you have to consider that these Lead Sale numbers are just an average. This means that someone earns much less and someone earns much more.

And in Italy?

Also in Italy the earnings of ghostwriters can vary on the basis of the same factors that we have seen previously and it is difficult to give precise estimates.

Let’s say that for a 200-page book written for a small author or a small publishing house, you could ask approximately 2,000 euros upwards, but if you write for a much better-known person, then you could easily be able to earn even 20-30 thousand euros for the same book

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