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To customize different options depending on the type we are going to use. Number of links per sitemap We leave the default option This refers to the number of images in the sitemap we want in the file I recommend activating this option if your images are original and provide information to the article. Anyway if you use images in your content it will be easy to grab them. The first two boxes in the Sitemap section of the configuration are us to exclude posts or pages that you don’t want add to your sitemap. This is done through the identifier and we can find it as follows. When we go to post or page section.

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If we put the cursor on the post without clicking it 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers will appear at the bottom. The post and page identifiers in if you look at the bottom in the r box you’ll see that number is the identifier we have to use to prevent the page from being seen on the sitemap. The next option is Taxonomy which does the same for tags and categories. The options are limit and pre-define to make type of sitemaps, post pages, tags in multitier categories and tags, it’s up to you which sitemaps you don’t want, my advice is you don’t make sitemaps of you don’t want to see or Block by a bot.

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After the initial section we’ll move on to the content Lead Sale section and explain what factors. You should know about and how to optimize your content. Optimizing content for content When we start optimizing a page or an entry. We must know what we are looking at. The most important tags in content optimization are the titles in the description descriptive. Text title hierarchal tags load spe optimization now let’s get serious this is the part that really gives. All webmasters a headache because there are so many variables that affect the load. We have different tools to measure loading spe I will tell you which tools I use and how I use them.

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