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If you don’t know how to get the analytics trace they will show you how from the support page has their own plugin where we can do the full analytics. Google Plugin We also provide an easy option to add tracking code. The plugin for tracking Google Analytics is currently design with these news of webmasters in mind and provides a box in the template configuration for entering the header code. Plug in the Google Analytics code to verify our domain in Verify in There are several ways I’ll show you one using a verification file and the other using a plugin we’ll be using.

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The verification file has an ownership verification code A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers that we can reuse for simple verification. Using rank math to check the search console in the first box we can directly type what we found in the validation section and if we click on the text of that box it will take us directly to where that information is provide. Then we just ne to add the ones I mark in r below. Another point of contention in the field is sitemaps. This file was previously important so that all of our pages were accessible. It’s true that things have change and don’t ne to.

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One file can completely crawl your website. Similarly Lead Sale using and sitemap you will get additional information that can help you troubleshoot future issues. There are many ways to make a sitemap but ideally it should be a living file that updates with new posts or pages. Whether we use or or any other type of plugin to access this functionality we just ne to point it. To explain it I’ll use the tools provid and we’ll go to the sitemap settings option. An example of a sitemap configuration in Configure a sitemap As we can see in the image we can.

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