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In the settings for the evaluation phase we recommend that you adjust these options recommended settings for the evaluation phase recommended settings for the evaluation phase in the third option you can choose the minimum quality level you want the link to be. The higher it is the fewer leads you will have but the higher quality they will be. Instead you can set a lower minimum so you can manually discard or approve sites the tool finds for you. A fourth option will allow you to directly send all sites with a higher rank than the ones you have established to analysis. If you don’t want everything to be on autopilot.

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A good option might be to set a lower minimum so Morocco Mobile Number List that the tool directly eliminates those below e.G. Then set the minimum so that I can send them directly to analyze. This way you will leave all sites in between so you can perform manual analysis. We leave the fifth option for the next stage. Analysis once all leads have passed the spam filter and are of minimum quality the tool will proceed to analyze the semantic affinity of the leads to our website. This stage is where the magic of link affinity happens because eg.

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If you automate it, the tool will automatically shut down any Lead Sale sites or domains that don’t deserve consideration in your link building strategy because of their low semantic affinity with your project. Part of this stage is there. You will find all lead analysis links that pass spam filters. Here you will find all potential clients who have linked to you. Bad link. All web analytics that link to your item and are considered low quality will be listed here. All leads in this status are leads that the tool is analyzing to calculate their level of affinity with our website.

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