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All prospects who were rejected by affinity analysis go here. Automation it’s important to understand these metrics before I tell you how to automate this stage. Risk level is an indicator on the one hand looking at a domain’s spam level on a more granular level and on the other hand if you bring in your visibility trends over the past three years it’s not weird dips or rises over short periods of time. Affinity is a metric obtained from the crawling process of up to crawls of the site you are evaluating for affinity and using a machine learning system it evaluates the affinity of your content with that of the site being analyzed.

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In the column there will be a button to activate Malta Mobile Number List it manually if you have not automated it. Once calculated we can decide whether to send this prospect to the management stage. Now for the fun automation. At this stage the tool allows us to perform two other automations. We will find them again in the settings configuration automation automation level. This automation allows us to optimize the analysis of the link section ie all domains that already link to us. For this you have to choose from what level you consider a bad link or a good link. The self of the link affinity analysis phase.

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This is the second automation for this stage. With this filter Lead Sale we can add affinity keywords in addition to automating the lead generation process from analysis to management. This way we can focus our link building efforts on the keywords we think are most appropriate. Management due to the automation of the previous phases this is the phase where you should concentrate all your work. Full link management here you will find a list of all leads that have passed the spam quality and affinity filters.

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