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Download to the user’s browser to further customize the type of cache we want. Never cache these user-agents user-agent or user-agent is a descriptive field in the protocol us to provide information about the requesting device. Knowing this information we can prevent cache pages from being serve to these user agents. For example one of the user agents is because by displaying it on this part of the web we serve you a page without caching every time you visit our website. Always clear these options for a fun example.

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You want to always delete its cache files when updating. For Exit Mobile Phone Numbers example I have some sports results and I don’t want to give the user a cache version because the results are update very frequently. Always clear option to always clear cache these query strings we can say that query strings are data that are sent while making a request or request to a web page. It is usually identify by a question mark as a general rule this class is not cache. We can force it to do so in this option. Using the settings database as we mention repeat in the article is no longer a caching plugin but a plugin.

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An optimization plugin for our website loading Lead Sale spew. In this configuration section we will be able to delve into the optimization of the database. Database optimization using optimizing databases when we process our content in , we generate other types of useless information that can affect the performance of our website. For this we are provide with this tool for a more or less deep cleaning. Entry cleaning as we can see in the image there is an element that may be taking up space in the database that we are not interest in. When we update content, previous versions are save.

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