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Automatic drafts of entries we are icing and discarding are also generate. If we eliminate these elements we will r uce the space in the database. This part of comment cleaning is important because sometimes the database gets fill with spam comments that’s why this option was introduce to clean such elements. Comment cleanup using clean comment instant clean when we work in , some temporary elements are generate which we can delete without any problem as they will be generat again. Database cleanup both this and the following I recommend making a copy of the database because nothing has to happen though.

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Anything but delving into operations in a database is always risky Conduit CN so it doesn’t hurt to make a backup copy. Optimize database use clean database activating this check will perform a debug of the database tables. This process can be automat. Using configuration before we dive into how to use the settings I want to explain what is and why to use it what is a content delivery network is a service design to increase the of delivering content to users. To this end it has creat a content delivery network on different servers around the world to shorten the time it takes for users to request resources.

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In other words if the user is in brazil then serving the Lead Sale content host by the server is closer to the content host itself. The picture of how it works is taken from how the page works through these other servers that keep cache copies of the web page, and when a user requests this content resource it is the closer server that makes the transfer. These types of services are useful when there is a large amount of content such as images audio video and or many visits. Don’t worry about this if your initial site traffic is low. Configuring rocket using the settings rocket provides us with the following.

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