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While intent may not always be harmful, it does get in the way of your brand image. Victims of brand hijacking can end up with significant financial losses and a discredited reputation among their users and customers. But you can prevent brand hijacking of your website or social network by implementing simple preventive checks. Here are some tips that might help you. Using social listening tools to prevent a crisis from happening is the best way to protect yourself. Using the right social listening tools will allow you to track conversations in real time so you can control what is said about your brand and allow you to engage with customers.

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Additionally, these tools share alerts to immediately Netherlands Phone Numbers List warn you of any suspicious activity. Brand hijacking affects large corporations in most cases, but that’s no excuse for small business owners to take what’s happening online lightly. It is important to have regular access to live mentions both positive and negative as this will allow you to intervene at the right time and take action before things get worse. Invest in your brand safety Having multiple social media accounts doesn’t mean you keep the same passwords for all of them. In fact this practice makes them vulnerable and poses a huge risk to your account security if a hacker finds one of yours.

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A password for all your other accounts is also Lead Sale compromised. Use a password manager so you don’t forget any of them. This is good advice not only for your business account but also for your personal account. Brand jacking can also affect your website and thus the security of your domain. For this reason, always make sure that two-factor password authentication is enable on the master account with your website domain. Allow only trusted sources access to your website’s content management and email management. Another important aspect is that you are the only one with access to the domain admin panel even if you have hired a third party to register the domain name on your behalf.

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