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If your business website requires customers to share your personal information and credit card details then you better invest in a Secure Sockets Layer certificate which will protect all sensitive information and present it in a secure manner. . Getting a Domain Name Relevant to Your Brand Having a strong domain name that is simple and well protected can also help prevent brand hijacking of your business. Also consider registering your domain names with new domain extensions and redirecting them. For example redirect to redirect to. Another good strategy is to check the domain name for keywords. If your website is please register as a form of brand protection.

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Develop a crisis management plan The age-old mantra Malaysia Phone Number List of hoping for the best and preparing for the worst comes into play here. Having a crisis management plan in place will allow you to respond quickly and efficiently which will help minimize damage during an emergency. As part of your crisis management plan be sure to train your customer service staff and area managers on how to interact with customers during critical times. With a proper crisis communication strategy in place your entire team will be able to work together to minimize the impact of the crisis immediately. Publishing a blog post that explains everything in detail can be helpful and give you enough space to tell your story.

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An entrepreneur’s personal brand is useful in this Lead Sale situation because if they already have a social media presence it can be used to benefit the brand in case of brand hijacking or any other PR crisis. For any open orders from your customers be sure to send them an email detailing the situation and how the attack will affect their orders. Now you know. We hope you gain a better understanding of what brand hijacking is and what simple and effective steps you can take to keep yourself and your brand safe. Don’t forget that we have different certificates that can help you enhance the security of your website and give your visitors peace of mind.

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