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How to Assess the Quality of Your Competitors’ Link Profiles We use it to provide a wealth of easy-to-understand information. You ne to distinguish between the number of domains linking to your competitor and the total number of links it receives. The number we are interest in in this case is how many different domains are link regardless of how many backlinks each domain has. Profile Quality If you download the Domain Recommendations report for each competitor’s domain you will get a list that allows you to sort them by domain rating and segment them by ratio to get percentages. Your goal is to keep your profile as clean as possible.

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Probably similar to the averages obtain in your South Korea Phone Numbers List competitors’ domains. Referring Domain Report Anchor Text Analysis For each of your competitors you should analyze the percentage between different types of anchors. Again your goal is to make your profile look like the average you get. Ratio Analyze the same ratio between backlinks and backlinks to set your goals. Situation Analysis Once you have analyze your link profile and know where your competitors are it’s time to analyze where the keywords are in your project for two main reasons attacking all keywords at once is not possible thus I.

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We must make strategic decisions bas on traffic and business Lead Sale type while also considering how easy it is to rank for a particular keyword or long tail. In order to assess the success of an event we ne to know where we were before starting the event and what we achiev through it. For this we use in we can visualize for each project keyword its position in the past month as well as currently in bas on the average value of the last week. Crawl Rank Tracker Additionally we can tag keywords to easily filter those that belong to a particular campaign to make it easier to observe the results of said campaign over time.

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