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Selecting the landing sites we want to work on Once we have analyze the overall positioning of the keywords we move on to selecting the specific landing sites we will use in our strategy. Why are we talking about landings and not keywords because the last landing is the natural destination for a backlink we want to insert another website that gets a vote of confidence i.e. to google a link from one website to another. For this we use a page tracker which gives us the most powerful list of items bas on the number of hits receive in a certain time period as well as interesting things like impression click rate include.

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A heat map of the data with ranking averages and trends Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List for each. Page Report By clicking on each we can also access a list of keywords that a particular landing ranks for. This allows us to decide on the most appropriate anchor text. How to Choose a Method Metrics to Consider Once we know which landing pages and keywords we will be dealing with in our link building strategy we have to start choosing the we want to link to. Although we use the generic term m ia they can be blog forums any type of web page or indie general or topical. Which indicators should we consider for selection.

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The most suitable m ia topic is not an indicator in itself but Lead Sale it is something we must consider. More value will always be assign to a link from a semantically relat site of the same or similar industry to a similar topic complementary site to our site than from a general site or a site unrelated to it. or Domain Rating. This is a value given by the tool to assess the authority of the network. The value range is from to to higher the better. Organic Traffic Viewing the organic traffic a website receives is not always easy though again allowing us to see not only current estimates but more importantly.

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