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Their behavior is similar to trolls but they like to insult and mock. Their bullying and cruel remarks can hurt to attack the same person for a long time. More and more celebrities, influencers or speakers are repeatedly harassed by haters. Candela recent example perfectly illustrates what it means to go beyond the limits and commit crimes. Likewise Casella’s response in this case reveals the level of cruelty that can exist on social networks answer box hate in short they are harassers on social networks the latter being the most dangerous cause.

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For their sole purpose is to attack and blow self-esteem. The Dominican Republic Mobile Number List 1st commandment to protect your brand now you know what trolls and haters are. These are the basic commandments to protect your brand from their attacks. The first commandment is not to respond to his taunts, dissatisfaction, hatred, anger, insults, and anything will take away your professionalism. Frustrated. Set fire to a record and never attack them. Be cool. Don’t get into their game or satisfy their ego. Don’t waste time responding to their attacks. Commandment #1 do not contradict them, do not try to refute them and do not openly state that they are wrong.

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They love to generate internal dialogue and feed other users Lead Sale eager to find excuses to belittle your social network. On the other hand, if you are face with offensive comments, hate, xenophobia or sexism, prepare for a serious and forceful response. Share your brand or business publicly against hate attacks and personal slurs. Do not threaten only to support this situation against politics and privacy laws leading to reporting complaints and blocking. The commandment is not to be rude or get involved in internal debates. This may be your opportunity to show the community that you have the upper hand. You can control the situation and stay out of it.

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