Don’t be too quick to discourage tire kickers

You know who we’re talking about? Haters and trolls. Users who spawn your brand with inappropriate comments. Constantly attack your style, business model, or quality of service. Because we know its very existence has pushed you to the limit on some occasion or other and the inappropriate way it grabs attention can shake up your online reputation. Today in our blog we teach you how to avoid feeding them.. But before diving into the topic we will explain what is a hater what is a troll and how are they different there are many similarities between the two.

Understand what the customer wants to buy

Basically your comment is full of hate and frustration Ecuador Mobile Number List but you should know two big differences catalog hide the difference between trolls and haters the 1st commandment to protect your brand 1st commandment don’t respond to their taunts 1st commandment don’t contradict them 1st commandment don’t be rude or get into internal debates 4th commandment don’t push yourself to the limit. If the situation gets out of hand please report a good answer best argument difference between trolls and haters trolls your goal is always to stand out and grab the attention of your followers. They generally act the same way they do.

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Learn the best time place and format to reach your target market

Form comments and include elements that are humorous to Lead Sale them meme hashtags. They seek to be popular and interesting and their interventions are the best. Of course they always believed they were right even though their arguments left much to be desired. Recently the singer channel suffered this type of attack at the bender festival. Attack troll channel bender festival. In the example below we can see a typical troll post criticizing a celebrity. This is very popular on this social network. Common twitter trolls celebrity haters they go further and psychology comes into play.

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