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In, we recommend that you consider the tips we provide as this will help you convert potential users into quality organic leads. What guidelines do you follow when creating and optimizing your landing pages If you’d like, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to answer. Until Next Time Reasons To Perform Log Analysis Jesus Pez Jesus Pez YMMD SEO Tutorial Log Analysis As you know in the world there are very few things we can be sure of. So today, dear partner, we bring you a log analysis. Logs are the only sure data that can help you.

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Learn how search engines crawl your site. Ready Nigeria Mobile Number List let’s go there Contents What is a log Let’s start with the basics. To define it in a simple way without getting into very technical aspects a log is a file in which is store a chronological record of all requests made to the server. Example Main aspects of user bots to consider. date and time date and time access date and time request type or fetch url protocol response code server response user agent bur waiting for the good stuff to appear in the next section. Why log pairs are important.

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Log analysis as we mention before will allow us to Lead Sale know exactly what. The search engines are doing on our website, which pages they visit. What response codes they receive, robot traps and for this all we have to do. Is verify that the request is index made by Search engines send out people who are not trying to impersonate. Them with another crawler and are filter by their user-agent. Taking all this information into account you will be able to make decisions to improve. Make our website more efficient for search engines. What value can we get from the analysis of logs.

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