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The type of data markup that became standard gives search engines more information about the type of content we provide to them. It is essential to have some content such as products or services mark with different attributes because in many cases this will give us more visibility in search results. We recommend that you check out the official page to learn more about creating structural data. Hint FAQ is consistent with above In structure data we have types in attributes. When we have questions and answers we can provide users about our products.

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This type of markup is us when helping with a service Norway Mobile Number List or service. For months Google display a drop-down list containing some of these questions in search results which didn’t gain space and therefore visibility. If questions and answers are provide by users Suggestions use markup Here we give you an example FAQ Page optimization Snippets from websites Examples Tips or Loading spew Last as they say but not least Now that we have creat an optimization We must not forget that optimization for loading spa allows us to be on the landing page.

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Achieving leadership success or failure. Why should Lead Sale it be consider because if a user chooses us and after entering the page loads seconds will pass, all the work we did to become an option for that user will be forgone because it doesn’t have a fast loading page. We’ve prepare a full guide that we suggest you take a look at to learn how to improve this aspect of your new landing page. Conclusion The purpose of this article is to show you how to create landing pages that are optimize for your website. We want to give you an overview of the most important parts so you can start creating landing pages yourself.

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