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Even if you don’t have an online store but a local service provider or individual entrepreneur a website will make it easy for people to find you. Yet with so much competition you need to think of your website as more than just a placeholder even if you’re not using it for actual business. If the purpose is to provide visitors with information about your business do it in the best possible way. Talk about your history and qualifications. Create separate pages for each service you offer with clear and factual information. Always include a contact page with all the ways people can contact you.

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Once you have determined the purpose of your website, think Ivory Coast Mobile Number List about your brand and how you can use it to generate more traffic. Domain Name Your domain name is your online brand identity and it is the name of your page. Use it to create a memorable presence, build your niche and tell people about your business. Several new industry-specific domain extensions have emerged in recent years. Due to the wide availability of names, they are especially beneficial for new businesses acquiring a domain name of their choice. In addition to being readily available, they add context and meaning to domain names. For example a startup or tech company can have your business name along with a domain extension.

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Creative people or agencies using e-commerce companies Lead Sale can consider acquiring a domain name space. Designing the look and feel of your website must be inviting and aesthetically pleasing. It should also reflect your brand personality and be in sync with what you offer. For example, an artist’s online portfolio should use design elements that resonate with her art. An online fashion store should use high-quality images and vibrant colors to create stunning product pages. Well-designed pages with fast loading speeds, easy navigation, and high-quality relevant content can greatly improve a page’s ranking in search engine results.

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