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Back then this was really limited to the professional world almost exclusively for computer scientists and programmers. Another novelty is the font. For the first time, users could choose fonts because before then, computer screens had only fonts like typewriters. Streaming Service Store This was probably the first known streaming service and it worked much like it does today except here you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to access tons of songs you have to buy them one by one. For a very small price of cents this prompts you to create your personalized music catalog. This service in turn changed the music industry because of its emergence.

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Before anyone could download music illegally without Jamaica Mobile Number List contributing any revenue to its creators, singers and musicians were able to find alternatives to cope with the looming and inevitable decline in physical disc sales. The smartphone revolutionized mobile technology by being the first mobile phone with a minimalist yet attractive design and making touchscreens popular on smartphones. A year later it has integrated apps which makes it even more versatile. The invention was so successful that it remains the best-selling smartphone in the world even a decade after Jobs left the world.

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TVs with internet connection Now any brand of TV can Lead Sale offer the technology to connect to the internet but the first. This is the first device that allows a TV to connect to the Internet to listen to music and watch special content. A lot of devices do the same thing now except Jobs thought of it and created it ten years ago. Tablets for business Although there were tablets before the industry, it was this tablet that managed to drive sales. Going down in history as the first commercially successful tablet, it’s basically a combination of and most of the features it has.

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