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Don’t worry, the assessment results are not conditional, it’s just a tool to give you an idea of ​​your company’s digital maturity. Invocation requirements are the same as any other aid or subsidy companies must meet a set of basic requirements to use the digital toolkit not considered a company in crisis. Stay up to date on your tax obligations and social security. Not subject to pending restoration orders after the European commission has declared the aid illegal or incompatible with the common market. Not subject to any prohibition provided for in article no. 1 of law no. 1. Do not exceed the minimum aid limit.

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Completed the digital maturity level self-assessment. After Tongliao Phone Number List requesting a digital kit to register and completing. A self-diagnosis all that remains is to apply for assistance. At this point you can choose to go through. All the procedures yourself or entrust us to do it for you. We are happy to serve you I want to apply myself I want to handle all self request help to make a request you must visit government electronics headquarters at the address below. Next select the option segment to employees or segment to employees corresponding to your company and click on it to access the call flow.

Phone Number List

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You will be asked to use a digital certificate or system Lead Sale to prove your identity. You simply follow the indicated steps to complete your request for the digital solution that best suits your business. To access the invocation process for the digital suite grant you must provide documentation. Of the system requirements and sign its required statement of compliance with. The principles of the recovery transformation and resilience program and a statement of compliance. All that remains now is to wait for a resolution. The system itself allows you to track the status of your requests. Once your assistance is approved, you will be given a roadmap with steps to improve the digitization of your business.

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