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Access private areas of the digital suite if you have previously registered, simply log in with your email and password. Otherwise we explain how to register in a very easy way. Register now in the private area of ​​your sme. What is your contact details? This step is very simple. On the first screen, fill in your contact information, first and last name, email, mobile, and position in the company. Optional. Click the continue button and you will visit page 1. Two screens which ask for your data company name or company name community province town zip code autonomous.

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Number of involuntary workers year of commencement Phone Number List of business activity how did you know us now all you have to do is check the data processing consent box and proceed to confirm the registration. After self-diagnostic test registration you must take the company’s self-diagnostic test. Don’t worry it’s just a very simple questionnaire you’ll fill out in minutes and ask you basic questions like does the company have an active social network or does your employee use a phone in the work area. You can access the test from the same link by selecting the second option self-diagnostics from the top menu.

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Access the digital suite of self-diagnostic tests once entered Lead Sale using your username and password you will be able to initiate the self-diagnostic tests which are required to apply for aid. In addition, the system also gives you the opportunity to undertake a voluntary advanced cybersecurity self-diagnosis and self-assessment if you wish. Take the self-diagnostic test to apply for the digital suite the test consists of a total of 10 very simple questions about your company’s status with regards to new technologies. Once you have answered these questions you will receive your company’s numerical strength diagnosis represented by a colored bar. Digital self-diagnostic test results.

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