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Let’s see what they prompt to define whether it is the first step or the last step important terms must be in. Personally I think it’s better not to include any long tails even if the long tails are then include in the title or title. Because of our experience with cannibalization in both our own projects and our clients, it is best for Google to have unique signals on the main terms to target. Tips on the importance of above the fold For content plac above the vertical screen cutout and ensuring it is visible on all devices it is call above the fold. This is one of the most important parts of optimization because we have to combine the aspect with the user’s call to action. Here’s an example of what you can see in the upper fold of an optimize landing page. The above-the-fold view in the optimize landing page mockup is shown in this landing.

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In the example we us resources such as video. This Panama Mobile Number List can be replace by other graphical elements such as image sliders or individual images. example. Title main. For this element will be ours and will contain the main term to be position if we think it is a good place to put the long tail. text. A complex part because it has to be informative and contain aspects relat to our or unique value proposition. Why choose us This sets us apart. A user will find something compelling or a button to act on, whether it directs him to a contact page to request a quote or will.

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User goes to another page. Video image This video is an Lead Sale interesting resource to increase the permanence of our page. Increase the persuasiveness of the action to buy a subscription budget. We can also choose images or sliders with different images of our products. Example of an optimize landing page mockup for an example of an optimize landing page. In this example the elements are the same but we chose. A form instead of a contact button and a text part with an image in terms of persuasive information. Prompt content structure Yes of course we have discuss content before but at this point we will.

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