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Alonso Avella Alonso Avella Year Month Day SEO Tutorial Landing Pages One of the important parts when we do the positioning of a website is optimizing the landing page or landing page. In other articles we have discuss search intent and how we should respond to them Now by creating landing pages we can complete a fully optimize one. In this post we will look at aspects that we cannot ignore such as tags, definitions, titles, meta descriptions, titles, etc. and other elements that are more relat to communication and content structure. We must do it when we are doing the landing page.

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Setting a goal is not a goal it takes for grant but a communication Paraguay Mobile Number List or action goal. In other words if we want to get ahead we will provide the necessary resources so that users who land on our landing pages can take action. Let’s get start. Contents What is a landing page A landing page is a page specially design to achieve user actions on landing. There are hundred s of ways to create a landing page, but the goal of such a page should always be to convert a user into a potential customer. Fill out a form, sign up, call to buy. The basic elements of a landing page We have comment before that there are many ways to do it.

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Making a Landing Page Even so we often find on Lead Sale almost all landing pages that certain elements or calls to action are elements that must be incorporate into different areas of the page. Its purpose is always to call the user to perform the action we are interest in. The action of completing a form or registering a user to become part of the database is call. Contact Form Product Description Product Benefits and Benefits Graphic Elements Video Testimonials FAQ Tips for Creating an Optimize Landing Page We want to do this by providing you with a list of tips that we believe are essential to any optimization of your landing page.

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