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So what soft skills should your company be looking for when hiring and training employees? There is no definitive list of the most important soft skills, but certain themes tend to come up. Pay attention to caring, flexibility, and working with others. According to Global Talent Trends, the top five most in-demand soft skills that but are hard to find are creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, time management. Let’s explore these five skills and three other examples of soft skills that we think are essential to create. Force creative thinking can help employees come up with better ways to solve problems. Creativity is really about using resources in new and different ways and putting them together in different configurations to meet needs.

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This is essential in any workplace. Assume that the existing customer service process cannot effectively help customers. Creativity can help leaders and employees think Belize Mobile Number List differently about what customers need and what isn’t working. Creativity not only solves problems but also helps them develop innovative new ways to better serve customers. Persuasion Persuasion is one of many important social skills. It stems from influence rather than direct power. Someone who can persuade and influence people can help resolve conflicts or disputes. More work gets done when people agree on the outcome and the process to achieve it. Here is an example.

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A project is stalled because three people have three different ideas about how to solve a problem Lead Sale One person has the ability to convince two others that their solution is most likely to be feasible and cost-effective so the first thing they should try is to get the team to commit and move on. Collaboration Teamwork works best when individual members know how to work effectively with each other. People can come together to solve challenging problems instead of doing it alone. Collaboration is also an effective way for employees to learn and develop new skills faster. Collaboration is important even for employees who typically work alone.

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