Are you a real estate agent? Why not sell ebooks

Before we begin, let’s give some definitions: what is an ebook?The term ebook is an abbreviation of electronic book , ie “electronic book”, and indicates a book in digital format that can be read on various electronic devices such as Kindle readers but also tablets, smartphones and PCs.

An ebook also has many advantages over traditional printed books:

  • You can carry thousands of ebooks with you , in your purse or suitcase, which you can’t do with traditional books, unless you usually go around with a
  • They are easily accessible . Do you want an ebook? Click, pay if necessary, and your new e-book is immediately available, without having to wait for delivery times
  • They are more interactive . You can underline Bulk SMS Belgium or highlight text and access all your subtleties without having to search through pages, take notes, look up definitions and access hyperlinks – such as insights or vocabularies – that enrich the reading experience
  • You can create and self-distribute them without having to hire a publishing house . This gives you full control over your work, allowing you to set the price, decide on the cover, directly manage promotion and sales and cut shipping costs, thus maximizing your revenue.
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Of course, an ebook also has some disadvantages. Do you want to put the scent of paper that pervades your nostrils when you leaf through the pages? And the softness of the paper that slips under your fingers? But that’s another story…

Why sell ebooks?

Whatever your business, selling ebooks can be a winning choice for Lead Sale expanding your business and earning some extra income.

“But in my business an ebook is not necessary…”

Are we really sure? I’ll give you some examples.

on specific topics of selling, buying or renovating a house?

Are you a chef? An excellent idea could be to develop a recipe ebook, perhaps quick recipes for those who don’t have time to cook or how to prepare a perfect pizza in the oven at home.

And if instead you are a language teacher? Then you could create an ebook with strategies and tricks to learn a foreign language faster and more effectively.

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