Error n 4: put the site in maintenance indexed

The site under restyling or maintenance notification is very often used during the creation phase of the new site.But what is it about?In this way we simply lose all the SEO positioning obtained over the years with enormous damage to our image and economic return.Those who look for us will find a maintenance page. A really bad idea.When you redo the website, you have to go and create it in a subdomain or in a domain hidden from Google bots, such as in a staging area such as SiteGround .

Final thoughts

As we have seen, the restyling of a website is a rather Bulk SMS Italy delicate thing that could decide the success – but also the failure – of your online project.

So follow these tips carefully if you want your site to be not only aesthetically satisfying but also perfect from a technical and SEO optimization point of view.


And if you don’t feel like doing it yourself, then it’s always better to rely on a professional. You can find tons of super competent ones on platforms such as Fiverr for example .

I just have to wish you happy blogging!

Eleanor Baldelli

In practice, artificial intelligence can be of great help to a copywriter , perhaps providing ideas and suggestions, optimizing texts or generating initial drafts but it is highly unlikely – at Lead Sale least for the near future – that it can completely replace human copywriters.

In fact, people are the result of an incredible mix of different emotions that a machine can hardly interpret and replicate in a truly accurate way.

This is also why I firmly believe that empathy is the basis of every good copywriter: without empathy you will hardly be able to create exciting and engaging texts.

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