18 Tips and Tricks to Make the Best PowerPoint Presentations

18 Tips and Tricks to Make the Best PowerPoint Presentations. Am I seriously going to explain to you how to make a PowerPoint presentation? If everyone hates him, right. PowerPoint is that tool that has always had and will have detractors. It is inevitable, when something is used by many people there are always those who like it and those who don’t. But let’s face it, PowerPoint is used daily and non-stop: to make sales presentations , to present business projects , to make original resumes , to make presentations … Many presentations are made throughout the day.

Determine who your Audience, message and objective are

Who are you going to make the presentation to? investors? students? directors of a company. Are you presenting a top people data university project. Are you looking for financing for your new company. Is it a presentation of a new product to sell. Are you going to make a presentation and want to have supporting slides. Are you a teacher and are you going to use it to teach your students. What do you want to achieve with the presentation. Approve, Money, A second meeting. Surprise your audience, Teach, Inform.

Development of the presentation

Well, now that you have your audience’s attention is when you should present your idea. Develop the presentation to present your arguments in an orderly manner and taking into account the advice that I am going to give you later. Let me first finish explaining the basic steps. Never forget that people are not capable of retaining too much information in working memory. You will hear about the rule of Lead Sale three or the rule of four (depending on where you are reading). In the end they both talk about the same thing (element above, element below), that we are capable of retaining more than three or four concepts.

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