What is emotional intelligence and how to use it to increase your sales

What is emotional intelligence and how to use it to increase your sales. We all know and know how psychological and emotional aspects intervene in the purchase decision process. Therefore, in this article I am going to address a topic that I find fascinating: emotional intelligence and how it could very positively influence the sales of a business and a company if used correctly, as well as how it can make the workers in your company are happier and feel more fulfilled. People are emotional and logically this part of us often participates in decision making, which is why it is very important that we learn to know these emotions in order to generate greater empathy with our users.

What is emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to know, recognize, interpret and self-regulate one’s own and others’ emotions to interact appropriately. According to Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence has to do with personal skills, it is not academic learning, it focuses on how you manage yourself and your relationships. Another definition of emotional intelligence could be a person email leads who is intelligent about his or her emotions. Having emotional intelligence is mainly listening to what your emotions are telling you and making sure you can handle it.

Emotions affect many of the decisions we make

Some are simple, such as our way of dressing, or what products to buy, but also some more transcendental and lasting ones, such as changing residence or job, starting a family, etc. My passion for marketing led me to create this blog in 2012, something that in the future would change my way of life and my professional perspective, since I made the decision to start promoting my personal brand with the goal of one Lead Sale day being able to dedicate myself to what I I was most passionate about it, promoting my own Marketing School , and thus uniting my 2 greatest passions, training and marketing.

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