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This is an easier choice than others. Below are some common reasons for taking a leave of absence. Prioritizing your mental health and well-being Chronic stress can take a toll on your physical and mental health. When you notice symptoms of burnout, such as irritability, chronic fatigue, or sleep problems, you’ve probably been under stress for a while. You can apply for stress leave if it interferes with your ability to work. This will give space you need to recover properly and perform your best. It is normal for childcare or other caregiver responsibilities to take time off to welcome the arrival of children. Women take some kind of parental leave when they are pregnant. On average they will be on paid time off.

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Back to work a week later. Fathers typically only get one workweek of paid parental leave, and some of them use even less. But some new parents take a break from their jobs so they UK Mobile Number List can spend more time with their newborn, sometimes even right up to their first day of school. Asian father with his lovely baby in his arms Career break Juggling full time job and child care responsibilities is also difficult. You may need to leave your career to care for an aging parent or a disabled relative. In these cases you may look for part-time roles to devote more time to them. Or if you can make a difference financially.

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You can quit this job entirely to become a full-time paramedic. Pursuing higher education Going back to school is a great way to learn new skills, raise your salary and or transition careers Lead Sale These are all things that are important to your career development or career change. Many specialist university degree programs offer evening classes so you don’t have to interrupt the workday to take part. But depending on the project you may need to commit full time. You must also be prepared to pay the fee. Make sure you can protect your financial health before committing to participating. Pursue other interests You are a multidimensional person. So you may have interests other than your desired career.

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