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We have mentioned the list of such domain registrars above. Step 2: Check Availability In the second step, you have to enter the domain name you want to have. After entering your name, click on the “Check Availability” option. If the domain name is available, the site will show you many options with different extensions that you can use for free. Step 3: Payment After choosing your favorite domain name, click “Buy”. Next, choose the period of time you want to enjoy your free domain name. Most domain registrars offer users a free domain name for up to a year. Step 4: Create an Account In this step, you need to create an account. You can register using your email address or social media account (such as Facebook). After verifying your email address, you will need to enter some details such as.

First and Last Name Address Postal

Code County You may also be prompted to set a password and confirm it. Step 5: Claim Your Free Domain Name In the final step, you can claim your free domain name after accepting the terms and conditions. Even if a free domain registrar gives you a free domain name, we SMS Gateway Japan don’t recommend this method of getting a domain name. This is because extensions are weird. For example, you won’t get the extension; instead, you’ll get a very unusual tk extension. Second, free domain names offered by domain registrars lack professionalism and often seem unreliable. Therefore, it is not suitable for professional websites.


But if you’re looking for a free domain

Name for your personal website, of course you can. Method 4: Host a free domain name with email Sites like IONOS offer a free domain name when you subscribe to their professional email plans. Follow these steps to get a free domain name with email hosting: Visit the official website of an email hosting provider that offers a free domain name such as IONOS. Choose a plan that offers a free domain Leadsale name. Enter the domain name you want to own and check its availability. If the domain name is available, please add it to your cart. If not, you can check other domains. Create your account by providing the necessary details. Fill in your billing information Make a payment Claim your free domain name When purchasing a free domain name using this method, please check to see if you will be charged the ICANN registration fee. 

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