The philosophy behind a domain name is professionalism

Bad Script Get Character 19 Damien Not only does Damien look great in numbers, but he also looks great in letters. So if you aspire to create easy-to-read work, use it. The bold rounded border of the Damion font makes it suitable for all websites. Damien Font Get Character 20 Crimson Text Crimson Text is back in Google Fonts. This font is full of simplicity and elegance. Whether you want to create serious or casual designs, Crimson Text is suitable because of the clean lines. Crimson Text Get Persona 21 Sides Lato is a popular digital font because of its clean look. The simple look of this font makes it suitable for designing almost anything. If you want to write lots of numbers in your drawings, consider Lato because it stands out beautifully in larger text. Side Characters Get Characters 22 Varela Tour As the name suggests, Varela Round is a round typeface.

It gives a casual feel and you should

Use a smaller font. Valera Round is good for readability and is suitable for long texts and numbers. Tondo Varela Gets the Character 23 DM Serif Display Everything about the DM Serif display is about strength. The contrast of the font makes it suitable for writing numbers when Bulk SMS Thailand you want something to stand out. When used in projects, the DM Serif display easily takes up space. So use it only when you have a limited amount on the page to bring visual hierarchy. Serif DM Show Get Character 24 Cormorant Garamond You can use Cormorant Garamond to include numbers in titles or titles. Cormorant Garamond’s aesthetic appeal makes it suitable for product design, but not for long text. Cormorant Garamond Get Character 25 Bold Price BoldPrice’s unique selling point is the wood effect of its bold version.


It also comes in a regular weight version

BoldPrice is just a higher number, better suited for restaurant menus and writing prices. Bold Price Font Get Character 26 New Helvetica Neue Helvetica was designed in 1957 and is still popular today for its classic style. Plus, the font brings a modern twist to the classic Helvetica typeface. New Leadsale Helvetica Get Persona 27 Sophia Pro It belongs to the geometric sans font family. Sofia Pro is a popular font among graphic designers. Sofia Pro has a modern look and is stylish at the same time. This font is best for numbers in small text. Also, you can use it while designing mobile applications or business cards. Font Sofia Pro Get Character 28 Copse Due to its classic look, Copse is a very legible font. 

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