What is Google Channels According to Google

It’s easy and fast to navigate, both for users and search engines. Let’s take an example example example it’s clear which url you think is better isn’t it? In the second we can see how there is a main domain with a page or category called cars and a subfolder called convertibles. All pages are easily found and grouped in a logical structure. If you want to go one step further and get great advice not only create the correct structure but also tell google their order. To achieve this we will make a named.

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New data tag which will tell how to classify the page correctly. Seo List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu breadcrumbs are a great example of good practice. At the top we can see the implemented breadcrumb navigation for user navigation and search engine crawling. This is not only for results pages but ideally it should be visible in the visible part of every page tip don’t try to create complex structures or invent things. Create a tree structure where you can observe that all pages of your website are accessible in less than 1 click. Organize pages.

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Create categories and you will find this helps a lot Lead Sale with your user search engines and your positioning. Also I highly recommend reading the documentation and applying the and markup to your site. Social impact we may think that posting our company profile on and on may not matter but it does matter that we consider our impact on these networks. Also the fact of having a social profile will help us expand the reach of our content. It all adds up in the end tips to define a well social marketing strategy and create a profile for your company on these social networks whenever you deem it necessary and useful.

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