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How well are your posts performing. What is the purpose of hiding likes? The purpose is to see if this action can improve the mental health of users and aims to remove the competition within the platform and the stress that exists in social networks. These are the most factors in mental health issues. Know people come to express themselves, to be creative and to follow their passions. Want to make sure it’s not a game,” she said. We want to make sure people don’t feel like they want a particular post because it’s getting a lot of likes, they shouldn’t feel like they’re just sharing it to get likes.

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We want to see if this actually improve the experience Bulgaria Mobile Number List and stress. Countries like Australia, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, and New Zealand are already seeing the new format, but if all goes well, the same initiative could spread to other parts of the world. “We want to be a place where people can feel comfortable expressing themselves,” the Australia and New Zealand policy chief said. We hope this test will take the pressure off how many likes your posts get so you can focus on sharing the things you love. Up voting is bad for mental health One of the Royal Society for Public Health.

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A study finds social networks are the worst for mental health Lead Sale and wellness issues. Causing anxiety and depression in many users so this move was made to address these concerns create. A healthier environment. A healthy environment eliminates the little details that stress people out every time they upload something. Do you think this measure will improve social networking. The experience? Results in the States will determine whether the measure applies to other parts of the world. Do you hold it responsible for its users’ concerns and social pressure. To like or do you hold everyone to themselves. No one doubts that technology is responsible for their own mental health in the country that innovates the most in October.

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