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The more toxic and therefore the more influential your site is, the more likely it is to improve your results. We tell you everything about directories, what are open graph tags, meta tags or protocols created by allowing any web page to be displayed in a rich format on social networks. These tags will be responsible for displaying the content title description page image of the page shared on the social network. If these tags do not exist or are not specified the information will be displayed randomly choosing a random photo caption or a less descriptive description of what they are for these tags are called social tags for each social network.

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Achieving positioning is very important. Depending Kazakhstan Mobile Number List on which social network it is it will be easier or more difficult but positioning on social networks is there and it’s real. The protocol was originally used on and is currently recognized on . Tags, on the other hand, are unique to that social network. Tags like title the title is responsible for telling search engines what the page is about. So it has to be clear and concise and unique on each page. Its maximum length is characters. Examples what is a tag description the meta description will describe and inform the page more broadly.

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It cannot exceed characters and can contain Lead Sale phrases or phrases that encourage users to click on the result. Each page must also be unique. Example do you know how your website will be viewed by users when they share it on social profiles will be responsible for presenting all the information. Auger are displayed for web pages and can be shortened to display. Try to use this markup with as clean a unique as possible on every page. Example image you must specify an image to display on each page. This is undoubtedly one of the forgotten greats and one of the most important. All of them will take this image as a pair.

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