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Incredible ideas come to life, but scientists and artists share with us how developing creativity allows us to have those moments of enlightenment. Genius can come from the most unexpected places The ideas we think of in the shower are often different from the ideas we think of at work. Researchers say that’s because we don’t pay as much attention to generating ideas. Paradoxical right? The more distracted we are, the more creative we are. Mark Finke, professor of neuroscience and co-author of “The Winner’s Brain,” says it can sometimes be too focused. Saying that an activity that involves only one movement at a time, such as taking a shower, doesn’t require much cognitive attention.

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So other parts of the brain start contributing. It’s easier Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List to associate ideas and come up with new concepts or connections when your mind wanders. A shower is also the perfect setting because it’s warm and relaxing. These factors help your brain unleash creativity and release feel-good dopamine. So now you have the perfect excuse to take extra longer showers and maybe invest in some curious invention like a dollar waterproof notepad you can keep in your shower so the water doesn’t wash away your thoughts. Fun right next million dollar idea could be yours.

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How to Foster Creativity Year Stanford University Lead Sale researchers gave some volunteers a standard creativity test. After the test they went for a walk on the treadmill and outdoors and then returned for the test again. Volunteers who cycled on the treadmill scored higher on tests of divergent thinking. The most dramatic effect, however, was observed after participants took a walk outdoors, leading the researchers to conclude that walking frees the flow of thought and helps foster creativity. It is therefore a simple and robust solution for creativity and physical activities. Maybe it’s the extra blood flow to the brain that helps boost creativity or something.

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