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For this reason typography is very important to give your brand personality. Your brand’s personality which graphic elements are part of your brand your brand design is a set of graphic elements that give personality and make your business unique and recognizable. This is why typography has to harmonize with different colors shapes icons and illustrations etc. To achieve a whole. Combining different fonts creating headings that emphasize different points in a paragraph and create visual impact requires the use of different fonts. For this you have to consider two fundamental aspects such as visual hierarchy for order and contrast.

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Sometimes you don’t need to look beyond what you Brazil Mobile Number List already have. That is to say, the main typography provides different weights to serve our goals. Some types have more or less weights but we need at least three of them to have different effects and sums. You can also use complementary fonts but take into account two important points such as not combining fonts from the same font family and using serif and sans serif fonts. Using different fonts can help your branding but don’t use more than two different fonts as they end up causing visual clutter.

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Don’t touch the space between characters behind Lead Sale every font there is a typographer who takes every aspect of character spacing into account. Sometimes modifying them causes the typography to distort and can produce the opposite effect to what we are looking for and moreover destroys the harmony the typography has acquired. There is not a single space between characters but multiple characters such as kerning trails and line spacing. The space bonus between characters is not right as we have learned in this article that not everything applies to using fonts. Also the designer cries every time you use it.

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