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Can this be done with this system? Reply Edu Rubina’s January Hi Carlos, not designed to sell tickets for events, so it is not an ideal plug-in for tickets, but for reservations for dentists, masseurs and so on. You should look for a ticket sales plugin like this. All went well. Good education, great contributions, in general I appreciate reading more than the tutorial itself, I have a problem, I can start by applying a search form, a mini calendar on the homepage,

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In it, customers can see if it is available for the day and who applies in new data case of booking a double bike. Reply Edou-Rubianes January, designed for corporate( dentists, psychologists, ophthalmologists who provide appointments. For rental services, it is best to use . All went well!!! Reply Teresa Month Day Hello Very good start! I had the following issues with my aircraft appointment. I have a course and other relevant mentors.

If you are starting a project and need

 I used to create a dynamic template for each course. These courses are face-to-face sessions that take place on specific weekends, so I would like to see only the “ booking” button on the form. I tried a lot of methods to dynamically get dates and send tables, but there was no way. Do you know how to Lead Sale perform this function Thank you Reply Edouard Rubies January Hello Teresa, I can’t tell you if you don’t see your specifics from within, but if you only need dates as information elements, try putting them in text mode.

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