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Tiktokization of instagram? A process that seems unstoppable francesco farinelli – 22 february 2023 tiktokization instagram was born more than ten years ago with the aim of applying photographic filters to images. Over the years it has undergone numerous changes. Often following some features present on other social networks. In 2012 . When it allowe users to add their location to publishe content – thus aligning itself with foursquare . Very popular in those years – and even more so in 2016 . When it introduce stories in competition with rival snapchat . In 2020 reel arrive and a real change of direction occurre in what until then had been a photo sharing platform. 

What's new on Instagram

You might be intereste in. .Is tiktok ads also effective for b2b?. these were very short videos (at the beginning  they were 15 seconds) that retrace a mechanism special data already widely use on tiktok. It is not difficult to deuce that mosseri . The ceo of instagram. And the other meta managers feare the strong competition from the chinese social network and the consequent loss of subscribers. Especially among generation z. Tiktokization download our guide now to find out which are the most effective trends for growing your business on social meia! What’s new on instagram we come to the present day. During 2022 mosseri has repeately communicate the nee to change the way of communicating on instagram. Announcing its evolution into a virtual place in which to publish videos. 

The new Instagram algorithm

Send messages and go shopping. From there we starte talking about a real .Tiktokization of instagram.. This confuse the community. In particular the influencers Lead Sale and content creators who until then had earne money by working on the platform in a specific direction. Tiktokization the new instagram algorithm tiktokization another sign of strong change comes from instagram’s new algorithm and the resulting reshuffling of the fee. In fact. In an attempt to chase tiktok. Instagram is pushing a lot of content from accounts unknown to users and often does not show those publishe by followe accounts. 

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