Frequently Asked Questions about Teachable

Now that you’ve learned a lot about Teachable, you might still have a few questions running through your head.

Here are some of the most common questions I get asked about Teachable (if you have any more, feel free to ask them in the comments section below this article):

Can I try Teachable for free before buying?

Absolutely! Teachable offers a free trial that allows you to explore the platform, create a trial course and discover all its features. It’s a perfect opportunity to get hands-on with Teachable’s intuitive interface and see if it fits your needs.

Do I need to have technical skills to use Teachable?

Absolutely not! Teachable is designed to be Bulk SMS Austria user-friendly and accessible to everyone, even those without technical skills.

Can I sell courses on different topics on Teachable?


Certainly, Teachable allows you to create and sell courses on various topics without particular limitations other than those given by the terms of use and ethics guidelines.

Can I integrate Teachable with external tools like email marketing or payment software?

Yes, Teachable offers integrations with tons of marketing tools, email marketing, and third-party software. This allows you to connect Teachable to your favorite tools to automate processes, create effective marketing strategies and improve your overall experience.

How do I accept payments for my courses on Teachable?

Teachable offers several payment options, including creditLead Sale cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, or PayPal. You can configure your preferred payment methods and start earning from your courses right away.

  • send a welcome email to new students
  • warn them of the release of a new course
  • send certificates of completion of a course
  • recover abandoned cart
  • send automatic invoices
  • remind you of the imminent end of a probationary period
  • warn students of a failed payment
  • … and so on!

Obviously, you have the possibility to modify and customize all the emails present, both in text format and in CSS if you have more experience in this field.

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