EMerchandising: The New Principles of the Web

On the web, the challenge is even greater, there are no longer any physical barriers, products can be bought anytime and anywhere. The position of the products has a thousand variations, the comparison of prices as well … in short, many logics of merchandising on the web change nuances.

So how to optimize the position of the products on the ecommerce “shelves”?

The new Principles of E-Merchandising

  • the right product is the one that is easily accessible
  • UX is essential: the browsing experience must be easy , fluid and intuitive
  • the right moment has fragmenteare Micromoments so the right moment has fragmented in time (always) and place (everywhere )
  • the right information must be communicated through strategic communication channels as they represent the new point of contact with the customer through types of information research (e.g. forums, advice, reviews ..). Finally, all the information collected must be recorded , here we begin to talk about big data. We remind you that here the principle of quality applies, content is king. Provide useful information by browsing issues on the web.
  • the right amount can refer to the time spent on the purchase i.e. measured in terms of opportunity cost
  • the new competitive advantage is represented by the ao spend as little time as possible between the purchase decision and the deed itself.
  • the right customer can be reached by studying, testing and getting to know him . Deepening your knowledge allows you to personalize the contents and influence your purchasing behavior.

Merchandising strategies such as up sell and cross sell are time to Database makestill valid of course. Think about the products recommended by Amazon. The recommendations work strongly and allow you to increase the average shopping cart.


but product groupings such as new arrivals, best sellers, recommended by users are still used . All classifications that are based on the principle of socsample Lead Sale techniqueiability whereby if everyone likes a product, you should like it too. Filter navigation itself is also a way of grouping products. Think ASOS.



  • customers must be transformed into authenticated customers in order to personalize their shopping experience with product recommendation systems , find more information here
  • structure, layout and user experience are the cardinal principles for smooth navigation.
  • Use reference points such as filters to avoid more clicks if a.

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