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It would be perfectly legal for a new registrant to do whatever they want with your domain name if this happened. Not only is this a bad experience for you but also for your customers. Losing your web address can mean big losses for your business. So keep these five safety tips in mind when registering a domain name. Setting Up the Domain Renewal Process This is the easiest and most basic way to not lose your domain name. Setting up the renewal process isn’t complicated. Put a recurring reminder on your calendar to remind yourself at least one month before your due date. On the other hand, you can also choose to renew your domain name.

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Years, two years, five years, or ten years, or if you prefer Singapore Mobile Number List you can opt for auto-renew, yes, assuming you run the risk of losing control over the expiration date if you don’t want to renew at some point and get charged for forgetting to renew. Regularly check the contact details held with your domain registrar Your domain registrar will usually send you an email reminding you when renewal is due. They will also contact you if there are any issues with payments or if someone tries to transfer a domain. It is therefore important to ensure that your provider’s contact information is up to date and correct.

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This may seem like an easy step but if the person Lead Sale in your organization who is responsible for this leaves then you will need to know all the details so you don’t lose the renewal date information. Keep Your Account Secure If someone has access to your account or domain registration admin panel then there is a chance they can hijack them. Therefore it is very important to restrict access for the security of your account and domain. What does this mean? It means making sure your accounts are protected with long, strong passwords that are not easily cracked. Also you should add security methods such as using security tokens or expired passwords.

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