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Why install before we start showing how to install on our website maybe we should explain in more depth how doing so will benefit you. The answer is simple because this is the way to start an advertising campaign on the internet and believe it or not it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you to understand how your message and product reach your target audience who would be harder to reach on other platforms. It is an ideal platform to show ads to companies or to users segmented by job specialization or professional skills. This is because the online audience is more segmented and more oriented toward people.

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This makes it an excellent networking platform on a national and Cayman Islands Mobile Number List global level both for work and professionally. How to install once we have defined the exact meaning we only have one thing left to do to install it. Next we’ll show you how. Before we begin we must state that in the screenshots we will attach you will see some names and data removed due to customer privacy concerns. The first step is to open our account and click on the advertisement button in the upper right corner. LinkedIn tab if we haven’t created an ad account the next step will be to create it.

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After opening this ad account on we have to click on Lead Sale the resources. Of the ad account and click. On the section again when the dropdown appears. LinkedIn tags after this step we will be presented with a screen without any kind of information but if we. Go to the right side of the same screen we will find the manage tags button. To be able to access the tag code. The install tab once we get to the screen all we have to do is copy. The code we’ll find in the I’ll install it section but we can’t copy all the code to the clipboard we’re only interested in copying in the second line.

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