Audio Name at the Bottom of the Screen

Find the instagram reel audio you want to reuse in your own video. In this example. We’re going to use this audio clip from casper. Tap the audio name at the bottom of the screen. Then tap the save icon in the top right corner it looks like a flag/bookmark. It will turn from a black outline and white insight to fully black when you’ve successfully save the audio. Save icon next to audio keep in mind that you can also tap use audio if you have your video ready to go already or are ready to record. Saving it keeps it safe for later so you can easily come back to it. Go to your save folder on instagram. You can access this by tapping to your profile.

Tapping the Hamburger Menu Three Parallel Lines

Tapping the hamburger menu three parallel lines. Then tapping save. You’ll have a folder for all posts and a separate folder for audio. Save media audio and all posts. Open the audio folder. Then tap on the audio file to open it up. From here. You can tap use audio when you’re ready to create your video. 

Using this method is great for when business database you’re doing a lot of brainstorming for your instagram reels strategy and want to save several audio files to use later. Start building your instagram presence using hootsuite. Schedule and publish posts directly to instagram. Engage your audience. Measure performance. And run all your other social media profiles   all from one simple dashboard. Try it free today.

You Nee an Equally Active Customer Service Program

If you’re actively marketing your business. You nee an equally active customer service program. After all. You can’t build your business without happy customers. In this post. We’ll explore how customer service software tools can help automate. Organize. And simplify your customer service efforts. If you specifically want to know how to use social media channels to offer customer service. 

Check out our post on social customer Lead Sale service. Here. We’ll look at tools you can use to support your customers both online and offline. Bonus. Get a free. Easy-to-use customer service report template that helps you track and calculate your monthly customer service efforts all in one place. What is customer service software. Customer service software is any software tool that helps a business manage.

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